12 de August de 2019

Grunn releases ETC5000 system to Industry 4.0 that enables quick machine setting

Specialized in providing complete equipment solutions with German and Austrian technology, Grunn releases in Intermach the ETC5000 system designed to Industry 4.0, that enables machine setting, including full retrofit solution or new packaging machine designs.  The system enables quick positioning setup, assuring manufacturing flexibility and fastness. Grunn distributes in Brazil […]
12 de August de 2019

PWM Réguas Digitais releases tooling and machining solution

Importing company PWM Réguas Digitais exhibits in Intermach tooling and machining solutions brought from China and developed with Brazilian technology. The function is controlling shaft motion and eliminating possible manual motion accuracy errors with spindle, busbar or clearance errors in tooling and machining process coupling. PWM rules have high accuracy […]
12 de August de 2019

Schulz shows innovative solutions to industry in Intermach 2019

Latin America´s air compressors largest manufacturer, Schulz will be present in Intermach 2019, held from September 17th to 20th, in Joinville. Held at every two years, this is Southern Brazil metal-mechanic market main event, with trade show, congress and business round. Besides being one of the main exhibitors, Schulz will […]
9 de August de 2019

Tecnobronze launches technology for the manufacturing of oil-free self-lubricating parts

The innovative technology for manufacturing of oil-free, graphite self-lubricating parts will be launched by Tecnobronze at Intermach. By using solid lubricating plugs, PTFE or Graphite, uniformly distributed (20 to 30% of the contact area), the novelty allows for better sliding and easy handling of the parts, with long durability and […]
9 de August de 2019

Provolt exhibits high performance electrical and electronic industrial equipment

The expertise in the development of high performance industrial equipment will be presented by Provolt in its stand at Intermach. The solutions are targeted to the metal-mechanic, military, naval, GDT (generation, distribution and transmission) and oil and gas industry’s needs. The differential of the electrical and electronic equipment are the […]
9 de August de 2019

Ibatech launches MQL Bielomatik technology, whcih reduces by 98% the consumption of lubricants in machining processes

The advantages of the MQL Bielomatik technology, which reduces the use of lubricants by 98% in machining processes, will be Ibatech’s highlight in its stand at Intermach. In addition, it reduces by 60% the energy cost and 90% the consumption of water during the interchangeable machining process. Ibatech also markets, […]
9 de August de 2019

CNC Monitor, the first 100% free platform connecting all machining centers

Developed by GRV Software, the CNC Monitor program will be presented to the public during Intermach 2019. The Brazilian machining industry gained a unique connectivity tool for the management of CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines, which, in addition to interconnecting machines from different manufacturers and technologies, is available for free. […]
8 de August de 2019

Domo presents expertise in providing the ideal IT solutions for each industry

Domo exhibits at Intermach the expertise in the provision of IT solutions targeted to industries, encompassing servers, storages, laptops, desktops, infrastructure and support services to datacenter. It is currently the leading company for Dell, Symantec and Veritas in Santa Catarina and provides full consulting services in order to identify the […]
8 de August de 2019

Continental launches new on-line channel for industrial tool shopping

The technology changed not only the relations between people, but also how they consume. Internet became a research tool before shopping. With more available information, the customers’ requirement level reached a new level. This new reality created new business alternatives. With that vision, Continental launches at Intermach a new on-line […]
8 de August de 2019

Camserv shows expertise in machining software

Specialized in machining software, Camserv stands out at Intermach through the expertise for the development of full solutions, from the design to the final inspection, which meet the needs of different industries. The main products are Autodesk PowerMill, Autodesk Featurecam, Autodesk Powershape and Autodesk PowerInspect. Autodesk PowerMill is the specialized […]
5 de August de 2019

The Santa Catarina-based company Wishbox implements 3D printed in Industries – the solution promises to generate more internal competitiveness

From the customized consulting with additive manufacturing specialists, Wishbox seeks to map the specific problems faced by each company. In industry, engineering, automotive, electrical and electronic, casting, plastic, architecture or civil construction sectors, it helps choose the right 3D printer to solve the manufacturing dilemmas – such as high cost, […]
31 de July de 2019

Tecmes shows advantages in management and engineering software who offers overview of operations

Tecmes will show management and engineering software 3DEXPERIENCE at Intermach. The platform provides an overview in operation management, supporting the decision-making with information to maintain the processes running and explore new innovative horizons. 3DEXPERIENCE allows the manufactures to pattern and perform analysis on assets, products and manufacturing process addressing the […]