21 de August de 2019

RoboterSys shares expertise on the German brand KUKA robot solutions

RoboterSys , a division from the Wert Automation Group, specialized on the German KUKA Roboter Robotic cells, displays the brand’s most recent innovations in the Intermach’s stand. Located in Joinville, the company meets the robots demand for, mostly, metal, white line products and automotive industries, which have the most high […]
21 de August de 2019

SKA emphasizes powerful softwares and 3D printing solutions for different materials types and companies sizes

Latin America leader on CAD and CAM software provisions, SKA emphasizes the powerful and for 3D printing solutions in its Intermach’s stand, which may be used in different materials and by several companies sizes. In addition to the powerful resources for 3D projects development, the softwares are known for its […]
21 de August de 2019

Evolução Compressores launches Sustenplan 4.0 to manage the pneumatic power supply

Specialized in compressed air distribution for the manufacture, Evolução Compressores launches in the Intermach the Sustenplan 4.0, a new intelligent plan to supply pneumatic power on a sustainable basis. Where Evolução Compressores assumes the management and execution of several maintenance events in order to lead the customer to worry only […]
21 de August de 2019

DARDI – UHP launches CNC Folding Machine in the Intermach 2019

First time in the fair, the company presents an equipment with market differential, besides low power consumption. The main international event of technology of machines, equipment, automation and services for the metal mechanic industry of the Southern region of the country, Intermach 2019, held in Joinville, Santa Catarina, will be […]
21 de August de 2019

Ametek launches equipment that enables to digitalize and measure parts in motion and without reference

Global leader in electronic instruments and electromechanical devices, the American Ametek launches in the Intermach the GOscan Spark, equipment that can digitalize and measure without the need to fix the part and without using references. The novelty functions on a dynamic basis, with precision of hundreds and with the fastest […]
21 de August de 2019

Weld Vision launches fiber optic laser cutting machine

Specialized in welding and cutting machines, Weld Vision launches in the Intermach the fiber optic laser cutting line. The stand will display the INDEPENDENT model that provides freedom to cutting projects, with high speed and precision. The machine provides functionality and essential features for cutting with excellent finishing in carbon […]
21 de August de 2019

Smartech launches articulated arm to attach a filtering system at Intermach

The articulated arm to be used in the exhaustion of fumes of weld and other particulates is the novelty that Smartech takes to its stand in the Intermach. This equipment works attached to the filtering system, with the selection option according to the type of particulate that must be retained.  […]
21 de August de 2019

PNX highlights the technology of air compressed equipment at Intermach

The technology embedded in the air compressed generation, treatment and distribution, with the best solutions to reduce power consumption are the highlights of PNX which stand in the Intermach. The company is dedicated to meeting the clients’ needs with the most suitable costs by renting or acquiring equipment, providing for […]
21 de August de 2019

MAG launches small maintenance equipment ideal for mechanic garages at Intermach

MAG Equipamentos will launch the Intermach as small maintenance equipment ideal for car, motorcycle and boat garages. This product is intended for financial efficiency of the maintenance of garages that aims to preserve their collaborators’ health and the environment. MAG equipment is fitted with innovative systems to clean industrial parts […]
19 de August de 2019

Hunger Hydraulik highlights German technology for the hydraulic fluids industry at Intermach

Hunger Hydraulik, an international company in the hydraulic fluids sector, with headquarters in Germany, will present their surface coatings that offer an even better protection against corrosion. The company supplies special cylinders and complete hydraulic solutions for the international market, and a complete range of services in this segment. Hunger […]
14 de August de 2019

IBR launches line of washable and high corrosion resistant gearboxes and motors

Operating in the most diversified segments of machine and equipment manufacturers, Redutores IBR launches at Intermach, the IP69K line of totally washable, high-corrosion resistant gearboxes (speed reducers) and gearmotors. The IBR I, MI and XI models are made of 316 L stainless steel and the Z and MZ models have […]
14 de August de 2019

ZEISS highlights presence at Intermach 2019

German multinational company introduces innovative solutions in industrial metrology-specific software and equipment International reference in precision technology and industrial metrology, ZEISS takes part in INTERMACH 2019 – International Trade Show and Conference for Technology, Machinery, Equipment, Automation and Services for the Metal-Mechanical Industry, which takes place from September 17 to […]