Why Exibit?


Accurate segmentation of the target audience. Most other media available do not have this ability to attract so many people interested in products /services.

Trade fairs allow for interaction with the public that has the greatest purchase potential while also giving you the opportunity to offer workshops that demonstrate to visitors how to use your products/services.

It’s a three-dimensional environment, able to trigger all the prospects’ senses, raising the chances for success of the strategies and objectives pursued. While at the same time offer a wide range of possibilities of marketing, merchandising, sales promotion, advertising, public relations and personal selling.

Fairs provide a favorable environment for strengthening and expanding your network (networking between industry professionals). Obtaining information about the market situation and the competition is also an added advantage.

Create and articulate agreements and partnerships. The cost/benefit relationship of promotional activities carried out in trade fairs surpasses all other known forms of marketing.

Trade shows are remembered much longer than ads in print media. Fairs are able to achieve sales volumes six times larger than any other media.

About 86% of fair participants are potential buyers, while 59% of advertisement readers take up to 12 months to make a buying decision.