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Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia, Máquinas, Equipamentos, Automação e Serviços para Indústria MetalMecânica
Data: 17 to 20th September 2019
Joinville - SC
Feira e Congresso de Integração da Tecnologia do Plástico
Date: 11 to 14th August 2020
Joinville - SC
Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia para a Indústria EletroMetalMecânica
Date: June 2020
Chapecó - SC
Feira de Construtores de Moldes e Ferramentas, Design e Desenvolvimento de Produtos
Date: 11 to 14th August 2020
Joinville - SC
Metalurgia fundição
Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia para Fundição, Siderurgia, Forjaria, Alumínio e Serviços
Date: 15 to 18th de September 2020
Joinville - SC
MetaMineração – Feira e Congresso para Indústria MetalMecânica e Mineração
Date: June 2021
Criciúma- SC


Trade fairs organized by Messe Brasil drive good business and the exchange of knowledge and technology. The events are continually evolving with the support of business entities and the intense participation of leading corporations from the industrial sector, making them benchmarks in their respective areas.


Latest news

22 de August de 2019

Bavaria Pavilion allows German companies to show at Intermach

The Bavaria Pavilion is a joint booth that offers different Bavarian companies, all settled down in the south of Germany, to present themselves on the fair. The exhibitors are showcasting different mechanical engineering and manufacturing tools and devices. The focus of the participation at Intermach show of the German exhibitors […]
21 de August de 2019

Samrello displays innovations for industrial automation

Manufacturer of industrial process control and measurement devices, Samrello displays its innovations for industrial automation emphasizing the wireless technology and unique software. The wide products scope serves the most diverse industries, such as metal-mechanical, metal, textile, food and ceramic. Samrello, that has been in the market for 31 years, is […]
21 de August de 2019

RoboterSys shares expertise on the German brand KUKA robot solutions

RoboterSys , a division from the Wert Automation Group, specialized on the German KUKA Roboter Robotic cells, displays the brand’s most recent innovations in the Intermach’s stand. Located in Joinville, the company meets the robots demand for, mostly, metal, white line products and automotive industries, which have the most high […]
21 de August de 2019

SKA emphasizes powerful softwares and 3D printing solutions for different materials types and companies sizes

Latin America leader on CAD and CAM software provisions, SKA emphasizes the powerful and for 3D printing solutions in its Intermach’s stand, which may be used in different materials and by several companies sizes. In addition to the powerful resources for 3D projects development, the softwares are known for its […]