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Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia, Máquinas, Equipamentos, Automação e Serviços para Indústria MetalMecânica
Data: 17 to 20th September 2019
Joinville - SC
Feira e Congresso de Integração da Tecnologia do Plástico
Date: 11 to 14th August 2020
Joinville - SC
Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia para a Indústria EletroMetalMecânica
Date: June 2020
Chapecó - SC
Feira de Construtores de Moldes e Ferramentas, Design e Desenvolvimento de Produtos
Date: 11 to 14th August 2020
Joinville - SC
Metalurgia fundição
Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia para Fundição, Siderurgia, Forjaria, Alumínio e Serviços
Date: 15 to 18th de September 2020
Joinville - SC
MetaMineração – Feira e Congresso para Indústria MetalMecânica e Mineração
Date: June 2021
Criciúma- SC


Trade fairs organized by Messe Brasil drive good business and the exchange of knowledge and technology. The events are continually evolving with the support of business entities and the intense participation of leading corporations from the industrial sector, making them benchmarks in their respective areas.


Latest news

14 de August de 2019

IBR launches line of washable and high corrosion resistant gearboxes and motors

Operating in the most diversified segments of machine and equipment manufacturers, Redutores IBR launches at Intermach, the IP69K line of totally washable, high-corrosion resistant gearboxes (speed reducers) and gearmotors. The IBR I, MI and XI models are made of 316 L stainless steel and the Z and MZ models have […]
14 de August de 2019

ZEISS highlights presence at Intermach 2019

German multinational company introduces innovative solutions in industrial metrology-specific software and equipment International reference in precision technology and industrial metrology, ZEISS takes part in INTERMACH 2019 – International Trade Show and Conference for Technology, Machinery, Equipment, Automation and Services for the Metal-Mechanical Industry, which takes place from September 17 to […]
12 de August de 2019

Grunn releases ETC5000 system to Industry 4.0 that enables quick machine setting

Specialized in providing complete equipment solutions with German and Austrian technology, Grunn releases in Intermach the ETC5000 system designed to Industry 4.0, that enables machine setting, including full retrofit solution or new packaging machine designs.  The system enables quick positioning setup, assuring manufacturing flexibility and fastness. Grunn distributes in Brazil […]
12 de August de 2019

PWM Réguas Digitais releases tooling and machining solution

Importing company PWM Réguas Digitais exhibits in Intermach tooling and machining solutions brought from China and developed with Brazilian technology. The function is controlling shaft motion and eliminating possible manual motion accuracy errors with spindle, busbar or clearance errors in tooling and machining process coupling. PWM rules have high accuracy […]