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Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia, Máquinas, Equipamentos, Automação e Serviços para Indústria MetalMecânica
Data: 17 to 20th September 2019
Joinville - SC
Feira e Congresso de Integração da Tecnologia do Plástico
Date: 11 to 14th August 2020
Joinville - SC
Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia para a Indústria EletroMetalMecânica
Date: June 2020
Chapecó - SC
Feira de Construtores de Moldes e Ferramentas, Design e Desenvolvimento de Produtos
Date: 11 to 14th August 2020
Joinville - SC
Metalurgia fundição
Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia para Fundição, Siderurgia, Forjaria, Alumínio e Serviços
Date: 15 to 18th de September 2020
Joinville - SC
MetaMineração – Feira e Congresso para Indústria MetalMecânica e Mineração
Date: June 2021
Criciúma- SC


Trade fairs organized by Messe Brasil drive good business and the exchange of knowledge and technology. The events are continually evolving with the support of business entities and the intense participation of leading corporations from the industrial sector, making them benchmarks in their respective areas.


Latest news

20 de July de 2019

Schenck RoTec is launching at Intermach an instrument for vibration analysis

The world leader on balance and diagnostic market, Schenck Rotec, is launching at Intermach the Smartbalancer ECO, new instrument for vibration analysis. The easy-to-operate instrument reaches this year for emerging markets as an input solution in the vibration analysis, field balancing and diagnostic areas. The company’s equipment meet metalworking industry […]
12 de July de 2019

B&R launches intelligent factory motion control system with first display in Brazil

ACOPOStrak, the intelligent factory motion control, will be displayed for the first time at trade shows in Brazil at the B&R stand at Intermach. The main advantages of this new feature include maximum equipment availability, high-speed transport and positioning, fast switching and high flaw tolerance. The equipment increases overall equipment […]
12 de July de 2019

Tirreno launches new soluble fluid for ester-based machining and free of mineral oil

Tirreno, Brazil’s largest industry of industrial process fluids and leader in protective fluids, launches at Intermach a new soluble fluid for high-performance machining of the Biocool line, which is ester-based and free of mineral oil. The ecological fluid is manufactured with raw materials from renewable sources and is suitable for […]
3 de July de 2019

Hexagon presents Xalt platform at Intermach, a new approach for harnessing the potential Internet of Things (IoT)

Hexagon, a global leader in digital solutions, will present the Xalt platform at Intermach, a new framework to accelerate digital transformation by increasing the customer’s ability to fully leverage Internet of Things (IoT) data. Xalt’s goal is to create Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE), a state in which data is seamlessly […]