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Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia, Máquinas, Equipamentos, Automação e Serviços para Indústria MetalMecânica
Data: 17 to 20th September 2019
Joinville - SC
Feira e Congresso de Integração da Tecnologia do Plástico
Date: 11 to 14th August 2020
Joinville - SC
Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia para a Indústria EletroMetalMecânica
Date: June 2020
Chapecó - SC
Feira de Construtores de Moldes e Ferramentas, Design e Desenvolvimento de Produtos
Date: 11 to 14th August 2020
Joinville - SC
Metalurgia fundição
Feira e Congresso de Tecnologia para Fundição, Siderurgia, Forjaria, Alumínio e Serviços
Date: 15 to 18th de September 2020
Joinville - SC
MetaMineração – Feira e Congresso para Indústria MetalMecânica e Mineração
Date: June 2021
Criciúma- SC


Trade fairs organized by Messe Brasil drive good business and the exchange of knowledge and technology. The events are continually evolving with the support of business entities and the intense participation of leading corporations from the industrial sector, making them benchmarks in their respective areas.


Latest news

24 de June de 2019

ZEISS launches a coordinate measuring equipment with cutting-edge technology at reasonable price

ZEISS SPECTRUM is launched by the German manufacturer, a technology global leader in the optical and optoelectronic sector, at Intermach. This machine is ideal for companies that search a first coordinate measuring equipment, at a competitive price. With the technology presented in the ZEISS’s top machinery, and operating through the […]
16 de June de 2019

Motiwak disseminates technology to manufacture high precision standard and special parts of mold and stamps components, at Intermach

The differentiated technology and the capacity to manufacture high precision standard and special parts of mold and stamp components will be the highlight presented by Motiwak on its stand at Intermach. The products are meant to serve the different needs of the metalworking industry in general. The product options include […]
16 de June de 2019

Systec presents technology for development of fastening solutions with high requirements for tolerance, at Intermach

The new technology for the development of fastening solutions with high requirements for tolerance will be highlighted on the Systec stand at Intermach. The development of solutions is fostered in cooperation with the engineering and production team, focusing on fulfilling the requirements of the current machining processes. Systec provides a […]
10 de June de 2019

Vertec delivers complete marking and traceability solutions for the 4.0 Industry

Vertec, a specialized company in marking and traceability solutions, presents at Intermach the equipment options for these services focused on the needs of the 4.0 Industry. The products differentiate for their compact, robust, with high efficiency and cutting-edge technologies. Vertec develops applied solutions for marking, coding and identification of products […]